Ricoal - About us

RiCoal - is the initiator of the project for the construction of a coal chemical facility (the “Project”) to manufacture value-added chemicals, such as polyethylene and polypropylene.

To conduct our market research, we contracted NEXANT company. Its study shows that the shortage of the goods to be produced by the Project in Russia and in Europe is more than ten times its expected capacity.

In addition to its core products, the Project will generate as by-products sulfuric acid, electricity, fuel gas, paraffin wax, and construction materials (based on ash and slag waste).

The Project concept and underlying manufacturing processes were developed by U.S.-based offices of WorleyParsons.

Based on its analysis and experience, WorleyParsons recommended the process using coal and natural gas as inputs. The process combines easy processing of gas and low cost of coal which has a positive impact on the production costs and reduces the dependence on feedstock suppliers. The recommended methods are internationally recognized, have proven their efficiency, and are successfully implemented all over the world.

The Project is expected to process yearly up to 1 million tonnes of anthracite coals and up to 1.1 billion cubic meters of natural gas for technology.

By using state-of-the-art processes developed by leading manufacturers we will ensure the highest quality of our end products meeting international standards.

In reducing the Project’s environmental impact we have relied on the best international practice which will enable us to generate as little waste as possible in our manufacturing process. We based our Project on technologies which have already proven to be efficient and save. In managing the plant, we will be guided by conservative environmental standards and the world’s best practice in operating similar facilities.

February 5, 13
Non-Disclosure Agreement is signed with international Polymer Trader
January 15, 13
December 18, 12
Project presentation was held in Export-Import Bank